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5 Pages

only $15.00/month


Up to 12 Pages

only $30.00/month


Up to 20 Pages

only $50.00/month


You have come to the right place if you are interested in an Agricultural related website. The Bryan Group has the background and experience to develop an agricultural website from a product perspective and a buyer perspective. The above packages can be modified to reflect prices with fewer or more pages.

You can be online with a custom built website starting at just 8.00 per month You provide the content to us and we build the site. There are companies that will host your site free of charge but by the time you cut through all the advertising, it is hard to find your site. Other companies will offer inexpensive hosting but you have to build your own site.

Our prices include the whole “ball of wax”, such as domain registration, design and development, updates and email addresses with your domain name. Many web design and hosting companies will charge for the design work separately from $50 to $100 per page, charge a minimum of $10.00 per month hosting (rent to keep site on web), an extra charge for domain registration (purchasing or renting the name) and then another service fee for updating. We will not build you a site and then forget you. When we quote you a price, it will be the total price you pay for the entire year. We recommend keeping the site updated at least quarterly or more often if needed. Any of our sites can be paid on a monthly basis through the PayPal subscription plan. We do not know of another web developer who can get you online for such a reasonable price.

Compare our starter package with another company specializing in agricultural sites that charges $200 for a sub site, (you do not have your own domain), with one page. Try us, we think you will like what we do. Our motto is, "if you like what we do, tell your friends. If you do not like what we do, tell US".

Whether you are producing breeding stock, conducting weekly auctions, operating farmer’s markets, operating a nursery or greenhouse or marketing a value added product, the internet is the way to go. Digital photos can be uploaded to the web showing your audience your product in minutes for just pennies per customer.

Let The Bryan Group help you in getting your agricultural business or agricultural products on the internet.